Access Ideas Podcast: From Minimum-Wage Barista to CEO

Category: Franchise Development

The Access Ideas podcast is back with a freshly brewed episode featuring Mike McFall, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of the third-largest U.S. coffee franchise, BIGGBY, and author of the Inc. Original book, Grind, a practical guide for starting a new business.

At a time when there’s a lot of confident-sounding start-up advice from academics or ultra-wealthy tycoons, Mike’s remarkable life journey from minimum-wage barista to business leader has given him a very different outlook. His perspective on business—shaped by spending the last 23+ years helping hundreds of people open and operate successful coffee shops—provides a much-needed roadmap for today’s entrepreneurs, so they can turn their ideas into a profitable reality.
If Mike’s business philosophy can be distilled down to its essence, it would be this: Be brave. Be humble. Be thoughtful. Be aware of others. And #beyourself.

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