Bean Basics S2 E34: Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Maker

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Here at Bean Basics, the question we get asked most often is what home espresso machine we recommend, and whether you really have to spend thousands to get something that makes good espresso, and is easy to use, right out of the box. As you probably know, we have no skin in the game. We don’t receive any kind of payment or freebies for any of the equipment we review or recommend. But BIGGBY COFFEE Co-CEO Bob Fish came across the Breville Bambino Plus, and he thought it would fit the bill for someone looking for an uncomplicated way to make their favorite espresso drinks at home. At around $500, it’s a way more affordable alternative to many machines on the market. And it takes up about the same amount of space on your counter as a large toaster. But is it easy to use? We asked our super intern, Carter Dvorak, to give it a try.