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Proprietary Sauce is First of Its Kind for Retail Coffee Industry—Spawns Six New Menu Items


EAST LANSING, Mich. October 16, 2008 –BIGGBY COFFEE® has introduced a new marshmallow sauce to complement its popular caramel and chocolate sauces that make up its signature coffee-based drinks. The proprietary marshmallow sauce, called B Mellow, is the inspiration and signature ingredient for six new menu items including the signature Caramel Mellow latte, available immediately at all 103 BIGGBY COFFEE locations for an average retail price of $3.99 per 16 ounce cup.


BIGGBY COFFEE developed its unique marshmallow sauce over a four month period of trial and error with the help of Ohio-based Phillips Syrup, a leading manufacturer of specialty syrups and flavorings.  BIGGBY COFFEE is the first retailer to introduce the marshmallow to the gourmet coffee segment.


“Our goal was to introduce something that is totally innovative, unique, against the grain and tastes amazing,” said Michael McFall, president of BIGGBY COFFEE.  “The result is a new flavor sauce that’s fun, delicious and it takes us all back to our childhood when marshmallows held a prominent place in the food pyramid.”


The B Mellow marshmallow sauce is a sweet, opaque syrup that looks and tastes just like a melted marshmallow, only it pours like a chocolate or caramel sauce typically would.  The result is a unique and tasty solution to the sticky mess of real melted marshmallows, and a boon for the coffee retailer and marshmallow-loving consumers around the country.


BIGGBY will introduce five marshmallow-based drinks this month in addition to the Caramel Mellow latte; among them the Mellow Hot Chocolate and the Mellow Steamer.


BIGGBY COFFEE currently operates 103 stores across eight states. The marshmallow menu items are currently available at all locations.




East Lansing, Mich.-based BIGGBY COFFEE was founded in March 1995 and began franchise operations in 1999.  Today the Company has 103 stores open and an additional 67 under development across eight states including Michigan, Ohio, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, South Carolina and Wisconsin.  BIGGBY COFFEE features more than 30 gourmet coffee, fine tea and frozen drink selections in addition to an assortment of pastries and other fine eatables. For more information about BIGGBY COFFEE, visit