Bean Basics

Welcome to our new video series, BEAN BASICS. It’s all about making, drinking, and loving coffee.

BEAN BASICS S3 E13: Our Coffee Travel Kit

  Making coffee when we’re on the road is something we’ve thought a lot about. We always bring our own […]

BEAN BASICS S3 E12: Sock Coffee

Our friends at the El Recreo Coffee Estate in Jinotega, Nicaragua gave us a souvenir on our last visit — […]

BEAN BASICS S3 E11: The Gabi

When 3 pm rolls around, and BIGGBY COFFEE Co-CEO Bob Fish wants a little afternoon pick me up, he wants […]


We’ve shown you many different ways to get your coffee fix when you’re travelling, but none of them would fit […]

BEAN BASICS On The Road: S1 E9: Composting at Living Hope

Everyone of our Farm-Direct Partners has their own way of doing things, and they are all a little different. BIGGBY […]

BEAN BASICS On the Road: S1:E9: Drying Coffee at Living Hope

Picking season is just getting started at the Living Hope International Coffee Farm in Zambia. We had a chance to […]

BEAN BASICS On The Road: S1:E8: Irrigation in Zambia

Ever wanted to know what the coffee fields at our partner farm in N’Dola, Zambia look like? Here we are, […]

BEAN BASICS On the Road: S1 E8: Black-Eyed Susan Vine Run Amok!

For only the second time, Michelle Fish jumps out from behind the camera to talk about one of her favorite […]

BEAN BASICS On the Road: S1 E6: Pruning

The picking season for coffee is short, focused and intense. But when the last cherry is picked, then the real […]

BEAN BASICS On the Road: S1 E5: Composting: Everything Gets Reused

In celebration of Earth Day, we are thrilled to introduce you to how composting gets done on the El Recreo […]