Cinderella’s Shoe at Finca Terrerito Copán, Honduras

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Sometimes, building a Farm-Direct relationship is like falling in love. When it’s right, and all of the pieces of the puzzle snap together, it’s like the angels sing and the sea parts. It’s like slipping the shoe onto Cinderella’s foot and finding that it’s the perfect fit. Those are some pretty extraordinary and powerful moments. And for all of the searching that we do out in the world, they don’t actually happen that often.

But oh boy, when they do… It’s exhilarating and so inspiring to find people that are up to so much good in their communities, using coffee as their medium to make big change for people and the planet.

I want to tell you about a Cinderella’s shoe kind of moment that we had earlier this year. And how excited we are about the future relationship we are building with Finca Terrerito in Copán, Honduras.

Cinderella's Shoe

Al Lopez

Meet Al Lopez

In March of 2023, Bob and I were attending the Producer Roaster Forum in San Salvador. That’s a coffee tradeshow that focuses on building connections between producers and buyers in Central and South America.

We were approached by a group from a farm in Copán, Honduras, led by Al Lopez. He came there, in part, with a mission to meet us. He’d heard about OBIIS and our Farm-Direct model and he’d read our blog. He’d even watched Bob and Mike’s TED TALK.

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