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By Bob Fish

I love coffee. I love coffee so much that I started a coffee shop in 1995, which has since grown into a 300-plus unit chain throughout parts of the United States.  When I started that coffee shop, I thought I knew a lot about coffee. I certainly knew more than the average person at that time.

But I have since discovered that what I knew then was from a consumer’s perspective alone. In other words, I knew what I liked when it came to taste and flavor profile.

Ignorance is Bliss
Making coffee preparation videos for One Bigg Island in Spaces’s YouTube channel in our home kitchen.

The Journey of Coffee

That knowledge grew over the years, and I began to learn what it meant to produce coffee using a variety of extraction methods from a French Press, to a Pour Over, to an Espresso Machine and even outdated methods like a Percolator.

I Love the journey of coffee.

There is so much to be learned about coffee from so many facets that it feels that one lifetime may not be enough to understand it all. But I am always trying.