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Library opens lending program at BIGGBY COFFEE


Westland, MI, October 2, 2012:  The Westland Public Library and the Westland-area BIGGBY COFFEE (37644 Ford Road) are happy to announce their collaboration on a new book lending program at the popular coffee shop. The “Take a Book, Leave a Book” will be a small library of donated and withdrawn popular books that BIGGBY customers can check out anytime BIGGBY is open.


“This is a great opportunity to put books in our community when we aren’t open as many hours. And it speaks to our commitment to reading and literacy,” said Reference Librarian, Andy Schuck. “What better- and friendlier- place than our local BIGGBY.”


BIGGBY COFFEE store owner, Mohamad Elfakir, was just as excited. “We’ve always been supportive of the library and the work they do. We jumped on as soon as the library approached us with this program.”


Customers and library patrons can check out up to 2 books at a time and are only asked to return the books when they are finished or donate two books of their own.


“It’s going to be a community-driven, rotating collection,” said Schuck. “What you see offered one week will not be the same the next. It gives a chance for everyone to be involved in the collection, which is a lot of fun.”


Customers and patrons are asked to donate only 2 copies at a time as the shelf is small. There will also be suggestion slips available for books not yet on the shelf. “We won’t be able to get the newest releases, but there will always be something there worth reading,” said Schuck.


Look for the program to start on Wednesday, October 10th, at the BIGGBY COFFEE on 37644 Ford Road in Westland.


For more information, contact Andy Schuck at (734) 326-6123