Now Pouring: Hope

Hope is not something you‘d think would be mentioned alongside coffee...but hope is exactly what’s being poured with every cup and every bag of Ubumi — BIGGBY® COFFEE’s delicious collaboration with Living Hope.

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BIGGBY® COFFEE learned of the Living Hope mission and tasted their extraordinary product when Co-CEO Bob Fish and his wife Michelle visited the farm in Ndola, Zambia last summer — and the seeds of this collaboration were planted.

Living Hope International produces phenomenal coffee that is used to finance their ministry to provide shelter, food, education and hope to orphaned children in Zambia. Grown on the Living Hope property 10 miles outside Ndola, this coffee benefits from fertile soil, an elevation of 4300 feet, and careful attention — producing a rich flavor that is sure to impress even the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

With BIGGBY® COFFEE’s farmer-direct purchase of these coffee beans, Living Hope was able to add an additional 70 beds to their orphanage — that’s 70 children who will now have a life full of love, food and education.

Everything is done on site: seedlings are grown from coffee cherries, planted and tended to produce some of the finest coffee you’ll ever taste. Picked by hand, the beans receive a final chafing, grading, sorting and packaging and are sent off to Lansing, Michigan to be roasted to a delicious medium finish.

Fresh from Zambia to you — get ready for this unique experience — and as you drink this coffee, remember the children who benefit from your purchase.