• The Life You Love Assessment

    Welcome, Friend!

    We are so happy to see you here. BIGGBY® COFFEE exists to support you in building a life you love. We believe that one way we can do that is to provide this opportunity for you to reflect on where you are in life today. We have found that it can provide the kind of clarity that helps you take intentional steps to further build a life you love.

    The assessment will have you examine where you are in life in the four foundational areas of building a life you love: Knowing who you want to be, exceeding your basic needs, having a sense of belonging in your life, and feeling good about your emotional and physical vitality.

    You will be asked for your name and email address so we can send you a copy of your results back to you for your safe keeping. We do not analyze individual results, nor do we share individual results with anyone. We will use data from this survey in aggregate to understand better where we can further invest to support people in building a life they love.

    Thank you for investing in yourself, and thus your life and the people around you.

    We love you and hope that you are indeed building a life you love!

    -Your friends and partners in living a powerfully intentional life,
    The people of BIGGBY® COFFEE

  • Knowing Who You Want to Be
    We believe that knowing yourself, and where you want to go in life, makes it more likely that you will be able to build a life you love. It allows for intentional living that builds toward something. Do you know HOW you want to be? Do you have a set of core values, ethics, or principles that you strive to live by every day?
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  • The Ability to Exceed Your Basic Needs

    It's very difficult to think about building a life you love if you lack food, clothing, or shelter. Meeting your basic needs, understanding your relationship with money, knowing what you’ll need, and investing in your future (through savings, education, etc.) are important parts of building a life you love.
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  • Discovering Your Personal Vitality

    How a person feels about their well-being is relative. How satisfied are you with your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual vitality, overall?
  • Physical vitality: How does your physical condition affect your quality of life?
  • Emotional vitality: What does your emotional landscape look like from day to day--how does it affect your quality of life?
  • Mental vitality: To what degree are you able to stay focused, understand what you hear and see, and make decisions?
  • Spiritual vitality: To what degree do you feel connected to something beyond yourself that gives you deep inspiration and motivation?
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  • Sense of Belonging

    We value sharing a sense of belonging in the communities we're a part of. How true are the following statements for you for the area of life indicated? If there is another group you'd like to include, please feel free to do so.
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  • I feel free to be vulnerable...
  • I am responsibly honest...

    Being 100% honest isn't always 100% responsible for the people you're sharing with.
  • I feel valued...
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