Meet Madison Garza!

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Do you remember what life was like after high school? Whether it was away at college, out in the workforce, or something in-between, life seemed to move a little slower and opportunities seemed endless. For Maddie Garza, a simple, weekly meeting between her parents opened a door to an opportunity in business that is often a rarity for most twenty-somethings. This is her BIGGBY journey and it’s only just begun!


Growing up in Michigan, some of Maddie Garza’s favorite memories are her summers spent up north with her family. The shores of Lake Huron provided some of the first chances for adventures & left her with a life-long love for jumping in feet first. “(I learned) that it is okay to take some risks because you could end up in some beautiful places” says Garza reflecting on her childhood. “Everyone was, and still is, so supportive of me and all of my hopes and dreams.” While Maddie didn’t know it at the time, these fond memories would heavily shape her outlook on life & her future.

A BIGGBY® COFFEE fanatic from her first sip of a Cocoa Carmella, BIGGBY® COFFEE was always first choice for Maddie. It was no surprise to her when her parents, Deb and Bob, made a local BIGGBY® COFFEE their go-to spot for some fun vacation planning. “They constantly frequented a Biggby to make plans for us to go on a cruise” she revealed. “They saw the franchising opportunity and it quickly became a dream (of ours.)” When the news finally came that the dream would become a reality, Maddie couldn’t believe her luck! “Who wouldn’t be happy about opening the world’s greatest coffee shop?!”


While her parents kicked off & completed the buildout process, Maddie’s journey with her store in Cedar Springs started with a tough choice that would truly change her life forever. A student at Northern Michigan University with high academic ambitions, Maddie’s love for her family’s business called her back to back to their store in Cedar Springs, MI. Despite the risks, the choice was eternally impactful. “The proudest moment of my life has been taking a leap of faith, leaving college for the moment, and becoming a manager at Biggby.”


Maddie thrived in her new role as store manager, building relationships with the other team members and fanatics alike. Soon, she realized that this job was much different than anything else that she had experienced in life thus far. Going to the store was not only an enjoyable part of her day, but also became a second home. “The biggest thing I’ve learned with Biggby is that it is possible to love coming to work every day” Garza says. “It is such a wonderful opportunity to open a place where you can make people happy and continue to build and maintain relationships with people.”


So, what’s in Maddie’s future, BIGGBY of course! “I see myself becoming regional manager of multiple Biggby stores and I honestly couldn’t see myself anywhere else” says Garza. When asked to give advice to her younger self, Maddie replied with insightful and powerful words. “One piece of advice I would give my younger self would be to just be yourself. I know it is cliche, but it is so incredibly true. There is no other feeling in the world than feeling like you can be comfortable with who you are as a person. Once you let go of all of the anxiety of trying to be something you are not, that’s when you find your true self. Your true self is something unstoppable.”