BIGGBY® COFFEE and the Michigan Apple Committee have joined forces this fall to bring only the best cider to you!

Apples are the largest and most valuable fruit crop in Michigan and the Michigan Apple Committee represents over 800 apple-growing families all over the state. “The support the Michigan Apple Committee provides to these families is a big part of why BIGGBY® is so proud of this partnership,” says Brandon Trudelle, BIGGBY® COFFEE Product Developer. Roughly 25.2 million bushels of apples are harvested each year. Michigan alone produces about 25 million bushels of apples (none of which are GMO!) making it the third largest apple-producing state in the country. That’s a lot of apples! Approximately half of Michigan’s harvested apples are sold ready-to-eat while the other half are used to make other delicious apple products such as cider. BIGGBY® COFFEE loves apple cider and features this sweet, crisp fall treat in the Caramel Apple Cider that can be ordered hot, iced, or frozen! So far, BIGGBY® is thrilled to report that this fall it has sold over 160,000 cider drinks crafted with over 12,000 gallons of Michigan apple cider and the numbers continue to climb! BIGGBY® COFFEE is proud to support this Michigan organization and the Michigan Apple Committee feels the same way. “Michigan Apple Committee is always glad to work with other Michigan-based companies. On behalf of Michigan’s 825 apple-growing families, we appreciate BIGGBY® COFFEE’s continued support of Michigan apples and cider,” says Diane Smith, Michigan Apple Committee Director. Visit your local BIGGBY® and order this autumn classic, Caramel Apple Cider, to experience the remainder of the fall season the Michigan way! Cheers!

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