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Five minutes after arriving at the house Raquel Giron Rosales shares with her husband Stephan Maurer, their two children Sebastian and Sophia, the provisions store they run, and their two cats, Raquel handed me her phone. On the other end of the call was Rachel, a young woman from Ohio that Raquel has known for at least a decade.


Raquel Giron Rosales

Rachel first came to Raquel’s community with her father on a mission trip when she was 13. Raquel, like she does with everyone she meets, opened her heart and her home to the young missionary, and soon they became fast friends.


Rachel, in turn, fell in love with the people. She came back to stay with Raquel, whether there was a mission trip or not, as often as she could. And now, she’s getting ready to move to Honduras permanently to open a clinic that will offer more extensive medical services than have ever been available in Raquel and Stephan’s community.


No longer will her friends, neighbors, and the people living in her town, have to drive hours down the mountain to receive live-saving medical attention in an emergency. That has been one of her life-long dreams.


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