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Everything that is good (or bad) that humans do in the world started out as an idea. Baseball was an idea. Music was an idea. I am awfully impressed (and grateful) that someone long ago had the idea to cook an egg or eat an oyster.


I am writing this post on a plane at 30,000 feet. Air travel was once just an idea.

Bob and his partner, Mike McFall, had the idea that lots of people would enjoy drinking really good coffee in a comfortable and approachable environment. BIGGBY was an idea. Franchising was an idea.


Then we got the idea that we could buy coffee in a way that would lift up and support farmers who had the idea to be good to their people, the planet, and their communities. It’s an idea that’s a win-win: growers benefit, and BIGGBY Franchisees benefit, too, with a guaranteed supply of coffee at a stable price.


OBIIS is an idea.


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