Living Hope | May 2022 Through Kim Zahnow’s Eyes

Category: One BIGG Island in Space

My heart is full. Traveling with OBIIS instills a feeling inside that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I was created to do. This was my first time in Africa, and it was not the African Safari that we learned in textbooks.

This was, however, the trip to Africa that I dreamed about when I was young. It was the pictures and videos from organizations in developing nations that inspired me to go back to college and get my degree in photography. I wanted to use photography and my life to tell these stories. I am happy to say that my dream is coming true.


Connection is what stands out to me the most about our time in Zambia. It is connection that continues even after our trip is complete.

I experienced this from the moment that I got on the plane and it was woven throughout the trip. I think about the connection we experienced as a team, the connection we observed at Living Hope, and the connection we all share collectively as a community of this world. This One Bigg Island in Space.


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