Scott and Jill Sign to Open BIGGBY® COFFEE Franchise in Chatham County, Georgia

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Scott and Jill Novinski Sign to Open BIGGBY® COFFEE Franchise in Chatham County, Georgia


Scott and Jill Novinski have signed to open their very own BIGGBY® COFFEE franchise in
Chatham County, Georgia. The couple has aspirations to open multiple locations and make a
lasting and positive impact on their community.


CHATHAM COUNTY, GA — Local residents and 38-year industry professionals, Scott and Jill Novinski have agreed to open the first BIGGBY® COFFEE in Chatham County, GA. The 350-plus unit coffee franchise focused on enriching communities and helping people build a life they love, is excited to expand to Southern Georgia.

A highlight of the year thus far has been the brand crossing the 340-unit mark as it continues to close in on its goal of 1,000 units open by 2028.


“There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity in the coffee and café space,” explained Bob Fish, co-chief executive officer. “No one else is doing what we are on the same scale, and that’s attracting a lot of attention. It’s a really exciting time for us as we continue seeing growth through franchise expansion and year-over-year revenue numbers.”


The Chatham County location will be the first location within Southern Georgia, a milestone that the Novinskis are proud to share with the community after moving back to Georgia from Michigan.


“BIGGBY® COFFEE as a brand feels like a taste of home. It reminds us of our life in the Midwest. That feeling is really what drew us in,” Scott Novinski said. “We want to create places in our community that make people feel like they’re home. Even if they’re new to the area and
aren’t familiar with the region, we want everyone to know they have a comfortable and welcoming spot at our BIGGBY® COFFEE franchises.”


BIGGBY® COFFEE saw a strong wave of momentum in 2022, and there is no sign that it is slowing down. In addition to franchise growth, the brand is focused on solidifying company culture, aiming for 90% of BIGGBY® Nation to affirm that the company is meeting its purpose
and core values of helping people build a life they love.


BIGGBY® COFFEE offers franchisees like the Novinskis the opportunity to be a part of a unique franchise model designed to support the lifestyle most entrepreneurs want. BIGGBY® COFFEE’s new Chatham County location is the latest addition to the franchise
brand’s fast-growing roster. The brand believes there is ample opportunity for BIGGBY® COFFEE locations across the state.


“With the recent formation of a DEI Council, diversity is on our radar, as well as our Farm-Direct program, One BIGG Island In Space,” explained COO Cordell Riley, “we are looking to bring a name, a face, and a place to every cup of coffee we serve.” Looking ahead, BIGGBY® COFFEE aims to have 1,000 locations opened by 2028 and is focused on cultivating a BIGGBY® Nation team culture that helps people build a life they love.



About The BIGGBY® COFFEE Franchise


BIGGBY® COFFEE, based in East Lansing, Mich., was started with a single store on March 15, 1995. One year later, and on the cusp of opening a second location, Bob Fish and Michael McFall, on a handshake and $4,000, decided to franchise the concept. The brand’s cultural
values of Make Friends, Have Fun, B Yourself and Share Great Coffee help coffee-lovers and the coffee-curious alike benefit from a less pretentious and fun approach to the standard gourmet cafe paradigm. Besides connoisseur-worthy drinks with names like Teddy Bear® and
Caramel Marvel®, BIGGBY® COFFEE baristas provide a unique experience focused on brightening their customers’ day and supporting them in building a life they love. The “Big ‘B’” on the orange background caught on, and today BIGGBY® COFFEE has 350-plus cafes across
many states, including Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Idaho, Georgia and Florida.