BIGGBY Co-CEO Featured on The Necessary Entrepreneur

Category: Franchise Development

Mike McFall, Co-CEO and Co-founder of BIGGBY COFFEE and author of Grind, was featured as a guest on The Necessary Entrepreneur Podcast. During the 90-minute interview, Mike discusses several topics, including entrepreneurial traits, leadership qualities, and the importance of performing due diligence on yourself, among other topics. This episode begins with Mike sharing his journey from barista to Co-CEO at BIGGBY, noting his company goal of selling one more cup of coffee than they did the day before. Mike shares the meaning behind his book, Grind, and how it is not about whether you should or should not be an entrepreneur–instead, the book provides insight into how to diligently evaluate yourself as an entrepreneur. Mike shares, “I believe that the entrepreneur, the person, the individual, is the most important ingredient to the success of your enterprise, your new business.”


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