BIGGBY® COFFEE: The journey towards a people-centered company

Category: Franchise Development


By now, research showcases overwhelmingly that purpose-driven companies have a clear advantage over their competitors, and not only when it comes to market performance. More and more businesses have realized that to earn the trust of their stakeholders, including their customers, they must rethink their obligation to society beyond simply making a profit for shareholders.


Along with the rise of mission-driven leadership comes an abundance of business movements centered around purpose: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Benefit Corporation (B Corp) certification, etc. As such, it can be difficult for leaders to understand exactly what it means to be driven by a succinct mission and to shift their focus from profit to purpose. For many, conscious capitalism or stakeholder capitalism is that umbrella appellation that integrates the belief in pro-capitalism while promoting social and environmental impact. Let’s dive deeper and take a look at a modern-day, purpose-driven business model in action.


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