Longtime BIGGBY® COFFEE Lover and Area Representative Signs 20th Franchise With the Brand

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Shanna Novosel was a customer at the very first BIGGBY® COFFEE in Lansing, Michigan. Now, she’s spreading the BIGGBY® love with her latest accomplishment — reaching the 20th signed franchise milestone.



Shanna Novosel has been drinking BIGGBY® COFFEE her entire life. When she moved to Cincinnati about a decade ago, there was only one thing missing — her favorite customer-centric coffee shop. That’s where the seeds of franchising began for her, and before long, she brought BIGGBY® COFFEE, the 250-plus unit coffee franchise centered on a culture of unconditional love, to her hometown and became an area representative. Now, she’s celebrating another achievement with the brand — her 20th franchise sale as an area representative.


“BIGGBY® COFFEE’s core values are about loving all people,” said Novosel. “And I love people, I love life, I love spreading sunshine and I love making people’s day and making people happy.”



Why Novosel Is Passionate About Expanding the BIGGBY® Brand


BIGGBY® COFFEE was founded with one core objective in mind — to love people and to help people build a life they love. The brand strives to be a light in each community it serves, and that is just one reason why Novosel wants to bring BIGGBY® COFFEE to as many communities as possible.


BIGGBY® COFFEE helps people pursue their dreams, Novosel says: “BIGGBY® COFFEE is a vessel. It’s an opportunity for people to own their own business and tap into their entrepreneurial spirit, and it allows them to live an amazing life.”


But the brand’s franchisees don’t have to choose between their work lives and their personal lives, either. “BIGGBY® COFFEE allows me to live an amazing life. I basically get the best of both worlds,” Novosel added. “Yes, I’m an entrepreneur, I own my stores and I help people fulfill their dreams, but I’m also a mom, so if I want to drive cross country, I can. If I want to be there for my daughter’s field trip day, I’m there. That’s the best part. I can do everything I want and still provide for my family.”



How Novosel Brings People to the BIGGBY® Brand


As an area representative for Cincinnati, one of Novosel’s primary jobs is to search for potential BIGGBY® COFFEE franchisees. And considering her recent achievement of her 20th franchise awarded, finding new franchisees is something she has mastered. But how does she do it?


According to Novosel, one of the hardest factors of business ownership is loneliness. So, she makes sure potential franchisees are aware of the extensive corporate support the BIGGBY® Home Office offers.


“I was the first BIGGBY® COFFEE location to open in the greater Cincinnati area, and I often felt like I was alone on an island,” she said. “So I know what it feels like to feel alone in business. I work very hard to make sure franchisees never feel alone. My team and I go above and beyond what is necessary when it comes to support.”


She also stays attuned to each potential franchisee’s professional and personal goals. “I love fostering people’s desire to build a life they love,” she said. “I love watching the other franchisees grow and expand, all while loving the brand, providing for their families and growing their business.”



Novosel’s Goals for the Future


Novosel currently owns two BIGGBY® COFFEE locations, one in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky and one in Florence, Kentucky, and she oversees the greater Cincinnati area for development. Her goals for the near future are to expand BIGGBY® COFFEE in the suburban part of Cincinnati, especially in downtown Cincinnati, and to assist current franchisees in meeting their growth goals.


“We are a hands-on franchise,” she said. “So it’s my goal to help franchisees feel secure in what they’re doing and feel supported and loved.”


But the most important thing to her is helping franchisees’ dreams of business come true. “A lot of times business ownership is something people just think about,” she said. “But I try to make those dreams a reality.”


The investment range for a BIGGBY® COFFEE franchise is $202,450 – $418,700. To learn more about franchising with BIGGBY® COFFEE, visit https://www.biggbyfranchising.com/.




Cassidy McAloon